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Remote Technical Support

Pactur automatic machines are Industry 4.0 compliant

The Weintek interface with its dedicated software allows remote technical assistance: the Mitsubishi PLC is equipped with an internet connection, preferably via a LAN port or, alternatively, via WI-FI.

This connection is installed and activated at the request of the customer, who wishes to take advantage of the benefits of Industry 4.0.

In this case, the Pactur technician, during the preparation phase of the machinery, activates the connection of the touch screen to the Weintek portal, through a license number.

This activation allows Pactur to remotely view the machine from the portal and the customer to connect the machine to his company terminal, to detect the operating mode.

In this way, a twofold objective is achieved: the machine can be viewed remotely for software assistance, and can be facilitated 4.0.

After-sales assistance and remote technical assistance is therefore a focal point for each production department. Even with perfect installation and correct maintenance, problems related to wear and environmental factors can arise. In these cases, the timeliness of assistance is a vital factor.

PACTUR has made this remote technical assistance service available to minimize the costs due to production stops, avoiding as much as possible the movement of its technicians for easily resolvable problems.

Remote assistance is active on all new medium-high range machines equipped with a touch screen and requires internet in the company, and is based, as we have seen, on the Weintek Easy Access 2.0 system.

Teleservice will therefore allow us to access your machine and, if possible, solve the problem, saving time.

Our technician will work on your machine as if he were in front of it and will be able to carry out a very accurate diagnostic test (as car mechanics do when they connect them to their diagnostic computer) but can then intervene directly on the setup of the packaging machine and its sensors.

This is because we follow all the models over time and regularly publish articles on all machines giving technical advice for their correct use and to increase their longevity. Furthermore, when the customer changes model with a new machine, we collect the used one.

Remote Assistance Request

Remote Technical Support

I propose this short video that illustrates very well the functioning of the Weintek remote assistance adopted by Pactur.

Assistenza remota

Industria 4.0

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