Automatic shrink wrapping machines with continuous side sealer

Product Description

Mod. Auto 30/L – Auto 40/L – Auto 60/L – Auto 80/L

Continuous side sealers for packing of products of any length, thanks to the side rotary sealer.
Four models are available, with different width of the transversal side sealer: Auto 30 / L, Auto 40 / L, Auto 60 / L and Auto 80 / L.
Automatic packaging machines with continuous sealer, for shrink film, suitable both for Polyolefin PO and Polyethylene PE films.
With medium-large sized products, they achieve high performance.
The opening of the sealing unit is adjustable, to optimize packaging times and therefore increase productivity, according to the height of the product.
Furthermore, in this way the sealing line is always in the middle of the product height.
The automatic packaging machines with continuous sealer are equipped with 20 pages for storing 20 sizes, with consequent automatic size change in a few seconds.
In strict compliance with CE regulations, metal protective gardings completely close the machine.
It is possible to connect the automatic shrink wrapping machines with continuous side sealer  to a shrink tunnel, available with Teflon mesh belt, metal net belt or silicone coated bars. The choice of the type of tunnel depends on the type of product and the film used.

Likewise, motorized belts or automatic loading systems can be connected.
The machine can be loaded either manually, by an operator, or automatically, if the machine is integrated into a line.
All these features make the automatic packaging machines with continuous sealer, produced by Pactur, extremely flexible and suitable for endless kinds of products in endless fields: they are, in fact, suitable for long and short products, for high productivity, for films. PO and PE, for small and large products.
Finally, the same machines can be manufactured, on request, with stainless steel frame, for specific requirements mainly in food industry and in humid working environments.

It is also possible to use the automatic shrink wrapping machines with continuous side sealer, as an alterantive to sleeve wrapping machines, for heavy, irregular, multiple products.

Although Pactur is also a manufacturer of sleeve wrapping machines, with a range of semiautomatic and automatic models, it offers also the opportunity to pack long and heavy products with a continuos side sealer for a beautiful esthetical result.

In fact, the finishing is fine and the resulting package is very compact.

Therefore, the automatic shrink wrapping machines with continuous side sealer offer two advantages: beautiful esthetical finishing  with short as well as with  long products and high productivity with medium size products.

Just to provide complete information, it is remarkable, that the max acceptable product height is 300 ÷ 350 mm, if product height exceeds this parameter, then the suitable packaging solution is the sleeve wrapping machine.



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  • Belt approaching device under the welder for the passage of short and / or irregular products from the first to the second belt
  • Additional vertical photocell, for reading very low products
  • Polarized photocell for reflective products
    Welder opening surcharge, for products over 150 mm high (option not available for Auto 30 / L)
  • Notches reading photocell for printed film use
  • Pneumatic punch for a more consistent and localized drilling of the film
  • Start-stop device with pedal or photocell, to facilitate the manual loading of multiple products
  • Antistatic bar or antistatic fan
  • Lateral metal guides for product containment
  • Rotary welder lubrication device for PE film use


Automatiche a saldatore in continuo
Auto 40L

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