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Manual L-sealer packaging machines

Product Description

Mod. 45/N –  65/N – 80/N

Economic manual L-sealer tunnel type packaging machines with manual sealing arm, controlled by a magnet.
Equipped with a single Teflon mesh conveyor belt, which automatically transports the product into the shrink tunnel, after the sealing operation.
Two conveyor belt movement cycles, selectable from the control panel: forward-forward and forward-backward.
Forward-Forward, with outflow of the product from the side opposite to the load, for greater productivity. Forward-Backward, with product return to the operator, for fragile products or logistical needs.
Possible use of the manual L-sealer packaging machines as sealers only, without shrinking, just with heater switch off.
Possible setting of the multiple work cycle, for greater speed: only after a fixed number of packs, the conveyor belt is activated, for the transport of different sealed bags into the tunnel.
Welding by cutting blade, bent at 90 °, for a perfect cut even in the corner of the sealer.
Self-regulation of the welding time, according to the temperature of the blade: the more the cutting blade heats up, the more the welding impulse is reduced.
Purpose: to ensure a longer life of the cutting blade and the bottom sealer.
Usable films: PO, PVC and PE.
The shrink tunnel is configured at 90 ° from the product indeed.
Encoder to control the positioning of the product inside the shrink tunnel.
Digital panel.
Multi language panel, with open configuration for new languages.
Reel holder group adjustable longitudinally, for a rational use of the film reel.
Further longitudinal adjustment also of the support surface of the reel holder, for a perfect adaptation of the bag to the dimensions of the product.
Painted frame, with orange peel effect.
Strong, thick metal frames, welded by Pactur.
Furthermore, for the economic manual L-sealer packaging machines models 65 / N and 80 / N it is possible, on request, to increase the height of the tunnel hood, for medium-high products.


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  • Tunnel hood surcharge for passage of products higher than 150 mm
  • Raised surface, placed under the conveyor belt, in the welding area, to raise the support level of very low products
  • Metal roller fixed between the first and second conveyor belt, for the passage of short or irregular products (available only on models with two belts)
  • Motorized film unwinding unit, to facilitate the operator in the manual unwinding of the film


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