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Spare parts for packaging machines

Product Description

The constant supply and ready availability of spare parts are a distinctive note of Pactur.
This aspect is closely linked to the possibility of providing immediate assistance.
In fact, the Pactur warehouse is always well stocked. On our shelves you will find not only the spare parts of the machines currently in production, but also those of the most obsolete machines.

If the spare parts of discontinued machines are no longer available, we have the possibility to replace them with interchangeable parts.
The evolution of spare parts in our history has always taken into account how important the interchangeability of components is.
In fact, the philosophy of Pactur, the philosophy of “Signore Macchine” is based not only on the quality of the packaging machines, but also on the service.
And good service is never unrelated to prompt availability of spare parts.
Pactur offers this service, as it is the manufacturer of its machines and, therefore, has full control and management of the related spare parts.
This is the great advantage, guaranteed by the manufacturer and each customer can benefit from it in case of need.
A Pactur customer never feels abandoned, because his machine, even if dated, will always find a workshop with us, capable of putting it back into operation.

The spare parts obviously include ordinary consumable material, present in large quantities.
In addition to the components subject to wear, there is no shortage of motors, conveyor belts, photocells and sensors, electronic boards and even carpentry components.
Our technical department provides exploded drawings, which are a valuable guide for identifying the necessary details.
Added to this is the availability and experience of our technicians, who help our customers in identifying spare parts, with a simple phone call or with digital video supports.


Spare parts

Spare parts


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