Automatic shrink wrapping machines

Product Description

Mod. Auto 40 Unica and Auto 60 Unica

Compact automatic shrink wrapping machines with shrink tunnel included in the same frame of the sealing machine.
All adjustments are automatic and can be memorized.
20 pages of electronic memory are available, for 20 different product sizes, which can be extended to 40 upon request.

Equipped with the so called “monolithic” sealing system, with sealing knife. This guarantees a very clear, thin, and at the same time very strong sealing line.
The monolithic knife grants not only a high quality sealing, but also a very fast sealing time, which is advantageous for the productivity.
Speed ​​of the conveyor belts connected to all the other linear speeds of the machine.
Belt speed adjustable from 8 to 28 meters / minute.
All these features together are combined to grant high productivity.
The automatic angular packaging machines Auto 40 Unica and Auto 60 Unica can work both as independent machines and included into an automatic line.

In the first case, the loading is manual, by operator. Whereas, in the second case, products come from a previous automatic line, to which Auto Unica is electronically connected.
A wide range of optionals makes these compact automatic L-sealer packaging machines very flexible and suitable for various kinds of products.

The same is for the shrink tunnel.
The shrink tunnel is available in three versions: conveyor belt with Teflon mesh, metal netand silicone rods. The choice of the type of belt depends on the purpose of the packaging: packaging for esthetical or for protection purposes. In addition, it depends on the type of product: light, heavy, irregular. Finally, it depends on the type of film used: polyolfin or polyethylene.
Appealing and refined design.
Although Pactur cares for the esthetical image of Auto 40 Unica and Auto 60 Unica automatic L-sealer shrink packaging machines, it does not neglect its technical reliability. In fact, very thick metal frames are used, which guarantees long lasting machineries.


1) the adjustments in UNICA automatic machines are automatic, just with a button pressure.
2) the size set in the packaging machines is automatically recalled.
3) the sizes that can be stored in automatic packaging machines are 20,
on request 40.
4) the sealing arm in the automatic shrinking machines model UNICA
always seals in the middle of the product height
5) in automatic packaging machines  UNICA
the packaging speed is high.
6) in automatic packaging machines UNICA prices are competitive, compared to the offered quality and performances
7) because of quality and care with which the automatic packaging machines for UNICA packaging are built


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  • Dispositivo avvicinamento nastri sotto al saldatore per il passaggio di prodotti corti e/o irregolari dal primo al secondo nastro
  • Fotocellula verticale aggiuntiva, per la lettura di prodotti molto bassi
  • Fotocellula polarizzata per prodotti riflettenti
  • Maggiorazione apertura saldatore e passaggio tunnel, per prodotti di altezza superiore a 150 mm (opzione disponibile solo per Auto 60 Unica)
  • Fotocellula lettura tacche per uso film stampato
  • Foratore pneumatico per una foratura del film più consistente e localizzata
  • Dispositivo start-stop a pedale o con fotocellula, per agevolare il caricamento manuale di prodotti multipli
  • Barra antistatica o ventilatore antistatico
  • Guide metalliche laterali di contenimento prodotto
  • Nastro del tunnel con tappeto a barre teflonate o a rete metallica (la versione standard prevede il nastro a rete in teflon)


Confezionatrici Automatiche Angolari
Auto 60 Unica
Confezionatrici Automatiche Angolari
Auto 40 Unica

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