Automatic packaging machines that can be integrated with robots

Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza

Before showing you the latest example of customization that led to Automatic packaging machines integrated with robots, I would like to report some concepts of industrial robotics and its interaction with other machinery.


The Cartesian robot is the simplest of candidate robots for automatic assembly. A Cartesian robot, also known as a linear robot and in the version as a portal robot, moves the product on Cartesian planes, i.e. in straight lines along the X, Y and Z axes.

According to the needs required by the application, a Cartesian robot can be made with linear units with belt, screw, rack or with linear motor.

The application requests dictate the work area which is however scalable, consequently it can be safely stated that the Cartesian robot is an extremely flexible robot.


Collaborative robots are anthropomorphic robots with movements on six axes designed to comply with safety, flexibility and compactness criteria and designed to work in close contact with the operator even without protective barriers around them.

Most collaborative robots can operate without the aid of protective barriers around them, unlike traditional robots which instead require expensive fences to separate the space where they operate from that in which people operate.

Ease of programming is another feature that emphasizes the flexibility of collaborative robots and Cartesian robots.

Robots allow you to optimize packaging operations because they are simple, fast and efficient. The automation of this phase of the process reduces the costs of new packages.

We at Pactur are very careful to make our automatic packaging machines comparable with fully automatic or robotic production lines.
as you can see in this example of integration with the Sysdesign line (Automatic Packaging Machines that can be integrated with robots).

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