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Mod. KLOK 550

Low price, user friendly and very flexible shrink chamber machines.

Now with Touch Control!!!

Like Pactur’s high range models, nowadays also KLOK 550 is equipped with an HMI and a PLC. This is a demonstration of Pactur’s  focus on high technology at affordable prices.

This innovation, more than being a sign of advanced technology, grants two important advantages:

– high reliability of the PLC

– easy use of the HMI, which the 3D pictures make really user friendly

The economic chamber packaging machines with shrink film are the ideal solution for those looking for a packaging machine that guarantees maximum reliability during the packaging phase. With an innovative and compact design, the hood packaging machines with shrink film aim for maximum productivity without sacrificing aesthetics.

A shrink wrapper is the perfect choice for businesses in the food sector that want to create very resistant packaging, capable of preserving food in the best possible way, in a package that is also beautiful to look at. Heat shrinking, in fact, refines the aesthetics of the packaging, reducing the edges made up of empty film.

But a shrink wrapper is also ideal for packing various objects (stationery, small parts, discs), for some types of medicines and for cosmetic products. In these cases, in addition to the benefits related to the resistance and aesthetics of the package, there is also that of practicality, i.e. the greater ease of storage of the products: their size is extremely small.

The economic manual bell packers perform sealing and shrinking in a single work area.
The descent of the bell is manual and the reopening is managed by a magnet, after a programmable time. Traditional Pactur welding system, standardized to that of manual and semi-automatic models. Welding blade bent at 90 °, for perfect welding even in corners. Self-adjusting welding system, tested by more than thirty years of Pactur experience. In fact, the duration of the welding pulse depends on the temperature of the cutting blade. Therefore a greater use of the machine involves a reduction of the welding impulse.

Height adjustment of the work surface, which allows centering of the seal at half height of the product. Furthermore, this adjustment is essential for an equal use of both edges of the film reel. Powerful shrink fan. The powerful shrinkage allows both the use of thicker films and an excellent aesthetic result with thinner films. Heating by means of special armored resistances. Control and limitation of consumption, despite the considerable retraction capacity.

The economic manual chamber packing machine uses PO, PVC and PE films, with a specific work cycle for PE. Multiple work cycle available, for greater productivity with medium / small products: only after a preset number of welds, the machine performs the heat-shrinking. Reel holder adjustable longitudinally, according to the band of the film reel. In addition, an even finer adjustment: upper plane of the sliding reel holder, which allows the precision adaptation of the film around the product. Micro-perforating rings installed on the rollers of the reel holder. Possibility of dosing the microperforation, with addition or removal of the perforators. Machine on wheels for easy movement.

The KLOK 550 economic bell-shaped shrink wrapping machine is very compact and functional, with a limited and economical footprint. Very suitable for packaging masks in small productions. Sturdy structure, use of thick sheets and carpentry work done internally by Pactur. Powder coated, textured effect.
Unmistakable Italian design.


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