Semiautomatic L-sealer packaging machines with pneumatic sealing arm

Product Description

Mod. 45/AL2 – 65/A2  – 80/A2 – 110/A2

Semiautomatic L-sealer packaging machines with pneumatic sealing arm and shrink wrapping machines with tunnel.

They are L-sealer packaging machines with tunnel included, very performing and user friendly. The sealing arm is controlled by a pneumatic piston.

The automatic movement of the welding arm is activated by two buttons, a pedal or a timer, with programmable timer. The machine is equipped with the three options, so the operator can freely choose the operation method.

The movement of the sealing arm is in total safety, thanks to a mechanical emergency device that stops its descent.

The Semiautomatic L-sealer packaging machines with pneumatic sealing arm are equipped with two teflon mesh conveyor belts with independent speed control. The first belt is in the sealing area, while the second is in the shrink tunnel. The first belt automatically transports the product to the second, as soon as the sealing pulse is finished, while the second belt runs inside the shrink tunnel.

Thus, the welding and heat-shrinking operations are independent one from the other and productivity is increased. In fact, as soon as a product is welded, it is transferred to the second belt and the operator can immediately load the next product.

While increased productivity is achieved with the forward-forward belt cycle, the forward-reverse setting is also available, allowing product to return to the operator after shrinking.

Possible use of the machine as a sealer only, without shrinking, by simply switching off the tunnel resistances.

Possible setting of the multiple work cycle, for greater productivity with small and medium-small sized products: only after a set number of packs, the first conveyor belt starts to transfer all the packed products into the tunnel.

The shrink tunnel has a 90 ° layout.

On request, the height of the tunnel hood can be increased, according to the product height.

Output roller conveyor available on order.


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Semiautomatic L-sealer


  • Maggiorazione cappa del tunnel per passaggio di prodotti più alti di 150 mm
  • Piano di rialzo, collocato sotto al nastro trasportatore, in area di saldatura, per sollevare il livello d’appoggio di prodotti molto bassi
  • Rullino metallico fissato fra il primo e il secondo nastro trasportatore, per il passaggio di prodotti corti o irregolari (disponibile solo sui modelli a due nastri)
  • Gruppo svolgifilm motorizzato, per agevolare l’operatore nella svolgitura manuale del film (optional consigliato per il modello 80; dotazione di serie per il modello 110)


Confezionatrici Semiautomatiche a braccio pneumaticoConfezionatrici Semiautomatiche a braccio pneumatico

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