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The Training Courses are held at the headquarters in Zola Predosa (Bologna, Italy)

The Pactur training courses are held by the same specialized technical staff who designs and builds the packaging machines. Therefore, the Instructors of these courses are the most qualified people, to transmit the knowledge necessary to meet the needs of those who will have to sell, provide assistance or simply use the PACTUR Cellophane Wrapping machines. Obviously, at the Pactur headquarters there are exemplary machinery of almost the entire range, while, at the customer’s headquarters, the course is carried out only on the machinery or machinery, of which the customer is in possession and is a very specific training course. aimed at the education need of the final user on their packaging machine. Depending on the needs and the type of professionalism of the interlocutor, the methodology adopted is personalized and can include both theoretical and practical training, or only one of the two. In any case, training is always in close contact with our technicians and / or with our sales representatives.

PACTUR training courses are generally aimed at groups of a few people or are even individual. This is in order to guarantee the optimal transfer of technical knowledge and carry out adequate evaluations of the participants, at the end of the training course. In this way, those who participate in our training courses have an immediate response to their questions and practical tests.

The Pactur Training Courses have, however, a very practical cut, as the participants will then have to practically move on the field, as salesmen, technicians or users of the machines.

Therefore, during a training course, it is always assumed the presence of packaging machines on which to carry out practical demonstrations or on which to solve technical problems. These are artfully created by our technicians, to stimulate the search for the solution.

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