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An Italian workshop

Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza


Pactur, an Italian workshop producing packaging machines for shrink film, has the honor of defining itself as an authentic Italian manufacturer, which manufactures its machinery entirely, from the welding of the sheets to the final assembly.

We have dedicated an entire page of our site to illustrate who Pactur is.

This allows the management, care and control of the entire production process, alongside the mastery of one’s own product, which allows flexibility in adaptations, in response to specific customer requests.

In addition to the quality of the execution, the integral manufacturing of the machinery also guarantees the correct choice of construction materials. From a “walk” in our carpentry, it is immediately clear that there was no saving on the thickness of the sheets: absolutely considerable thickness steel is used, to ensure solidity and absence of vibrations during the many years of work, which await our machines packaging machines.

The welds are all done by hand, as well as the assembly of the parts is manual. Pactur thus seeks to harmonize the dictates of product industrialization, with the craftsmanship of unique pieces, made to last over time. A true Italian workshop of artisanal character for the shrink wrapping machine.

Officina Italiana - carpenteria metallica


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