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Who is Pactur
Paola Dozza

Flexibility and adaptation to customer needs.


Pactur is responsive to the customer’s needs.

Here is another example of Pactur’s flexibility, who is able to satisfy customers’ requests with enthusiasm and to appreciate the final result: the chamber machine KLOK 550 in an usual and very original black version.

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Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza


Stand Pactur

A complete and transversal range of offers for the entire mass market and durable consumer goods industries at FIERA MILANO RHO – IPACK-IMA 2022- ITALY 3-6 MAY.

It is a system exhibition that tells each phase of the supply chain: from processing to packaging, from design to innovative materials, from labeling to the end of the line, from automation to digitization.

With over 74,000 visitors, IPACK-IMA 2022 is the reference international event for market operators and a privileged meeting point for buyers from the food and non-food sector. An unmissable event in Milan, which will mark the real restart for all the sectors represented.

This year I present a model for every type of shrink wrapping machines, from manual to semi-automatic and automatic angular up to automatic ones with linear welder.


We look forward to seeing you at the PACTUR stand
(HALL 4 – Stand D32)

We present a model for each type of packaging machine




Watch some videos shot at the Fair:


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Pactur and innovation in packaging machines

“So artisans and so industrial: the winning strategy is the multi-market one”



FARE Insieme - Confindustria Emilia e PACTUR
Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza
Since its inception in 1986, PACTUR has represented an excellence for the packaging supply chain, covering markets all over the world. From Zola Predosa the winning strategy between mechanics and electronics. For “FARE Insieme” Giampaolo Colletti interviews Paola Dozza, partner and sales office manager of Pactur (FARE Insieme project of Confindustria Emilia)

of Giampaolo Colletti   @gpcolletti

If there is a distinctive element of the companies of excellence of this Emilian triangle between Modena, Bologna and Ferrara, it is in the strategic balance between being artisanal and being industrial. The artisan vocation is breathed in the tailor-made solutions. The industrial vocation is in pioneering internationalization. This is the story of Pactur, a family-run business engaged in the production of packaging machines for shrink film, therefore able to tighten with heat. The company was founded in 1986 and has been exporting since its inception. So today it is not surprising that it is better known abroad than in Italy. “Then the domestic market also developed and today it oscillates between 30% and 50%, but the specificity has been from the very beginning that selling in the world: from Europe to South America, from Russia to Australia and up to ‘Far East. At the time there was not such an international vision, which is why we were pioneers, “says Paola Dozza, partner and sales manager of the Pactur company. The winning strategy was to be multi-localized and multi-market, breaking down the boundaries between sectors and thus ensuring continuity. «You have to be frightened when a market takes over, because it could prove dangerous if things change. This is why our turnover is made up of many different orders, all important but none fundamental. On the other hand, we live off our strengths and our finances and therefore if we did not do so we would not be able to afford a possible crisis in the geographic or sectoral market “, explains Dozza.

Time factor. To understand this entrepreneurial project linked to the packaging supply chain, we must move to Zola Predosa, twenty thousand souls in the metropolitan area of ​​Bologna nestled between the plains and hills, considered the gateway to Val Samoggia, about twelve kilometers from the DueTorri. We are in 1986 and the intuition of Andrea Turra, who founded it, is to give a concrete answer to the lively pack district, creating cutting-edge packaging machines. Everything starts from the assembly and then reaches the final delivery of the product. The initial investment was 5 million old Italian lire. But what has made the difference is having been forerunners in the market, selling many manual machines. All this made it possible to finance research on automatic machines. A constant growth, we said before. A few years later, precisely in 1992, the company took over the carpentry in Zola Predosa which cut and folded the sheets on behalf of Pactur. “At the time it was a visionary approach. There was and always has been a great team game. In addition to Turra, one of the architects of our success is Claudio Tondi, still our workshop manager to whom we recognize the development of electronics in our machines, “Dozza recalls. Today Pactur is a 100% made in Italy producer. The company employs twelve people for a turnover of 1.5 million euros. All the bagging machines do the same type of packaging, that is, they seal the cellophane around the product and when required they tighten the bag to the product, so that it becomes a sort of second skin. Time must be read through the lens of continuity and evolution. “The demand for packaging machines has changed over the years, with a concentration that has shifted from manual and semi-automatic to automatic ones and with electronics that play a more strategic importance today,” says Dozza.

Italian pride. “Create, improve, support”: behind these three actions is summarized the mission. “It means being small, but having great cutting-edge solutions. We work in a market where margins are low, so we must necessarily identify solutions with performing machines. This is why our workshop prototype department looks for solutions that can distinguish us from the others, “Dozza points out. The development of the market has multiplied the competition, especially from the Far East, and all this has hit the lower end, made up of those machines with which Pactur was born. Here then is the escape route to that electronics that make the difference. Innovation is aimed at simplification, with high Italian quality. And for Dozza it is a pride to hear customers at the fair comment on the beauty and functionality of our machines, assuming that they must necessarily be Italian. Then there is the brand of the entire Pactur range, which sums up the philosophy. It is LadyPack and must be literally translated as “lady machine”. “It is an expression of admiration that you get when you look at something that is very beautiful, refined, of quality. This is what we say about a “lady bicycle” or a “lady house”. It’s the top product, ”Dozza says. For her over the years the passion has remained unchanged. The future is made up of electronics, without neglecting mechanics and bodywork, that is, the aesthetics that are the seal of the company. The machine can pack books or sandwiches, but it must be beautiful, meeting all packaging needs with multipurpose models. So the challenge is to build better performing and at the same time more versatile solutions, which can package products of different sizes. Always innovate, never stop.

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Giampaolo Colletti



Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza

Customize: extra-large products

For us, the special is routine


Another great advantage of buying a packaging machine from Pactur is to have all the technical staff available for possible customizations based on the type of products you need to pack and also Extra-large products.

We are basically an artisan company and each machine is made as if it were a single piece, from the welding of the metal structure (see published article) to the assembly of the individual mechanical and electronic elements. It is therefore almost “routine” for us to create special packaging machines or to enlarge the scale of our machines to produce extra-large formats.

The following video shows how a 65 LINE can become a maxi format (140 LINE) for a customer who has to pack non-standard size O-Rings for huge excavators.


Extra-large products


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Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza


Pactur, an Italian workshop producing packaging machines for shrink film, has the honor of defining itself as an authentic Italian manufacturer, which manufactures its machinery entirely, from the welding of the sheets to the final assembly.

We have dedicated an entire page of our site to illustrate who Pactur is.

This allows the management, care and control of the entire production process, alongside the mastery of one’s own product, which allows flexibility in adaptations, in response to specific customer requests.

In addition to the quality of the execution, the integral manufacturing of the machinery also guarantees the correct choice of construction materials. From a “walk” in our carpentry, it is immediately clear that there was no saving on the thickness of the sheets: absolutely considerable thickness steel is used, to ensure solidity and absence of vibrations during the many years of work, which await our machines packaging machines.

The welds are all done by hand, as well as the assembly of the parts is manual. Pactur thus seeks to harmonize the dictates of product industrialization, with the craftsmanship of unique pieces, made to last over time. A true Italian workshop of artisanal character for the shrink wrapping machine.

Officina Italiana - carpenteria metallica





Paola Dozza - Pactur srl
Paola Dozza

On request, Pactur produces Custom shrinkwrappers, also robust and reliable, of different sizes, calibrated according to the customer’s needs. The shrinkwrappers are built to pack and protect various medium-large and medium-high weight products with shrink film. Just to name a few examples: bottles, jars, pots and jars, reams of paper, ironing boards, folding ladders, furniture components, wooden planks, metal plates, etc.

They correspond to three types:

1- semi-automatic shrinkwrappers, where the operator manually deposits the product on the work surface or manually composes the multipack on the work surface. Then activate the pusher, by pressing two buttons, to transfer the product into the machine towards the sealing bar;
2- automatic shrinkwrappers with in-line loading belt, which automatically introduces the bundle into the machine by means of a motorized belt and automatic pushers.
3- automatic shrinkwrappers with loader, consisting of a motorized belt placed at 90 ° with respect to the machine. Sensors for the detection and counting of products, pushers for the composition of the multipack and its transfer to the machine.

But what is the UNIQUE feature of our Shrinkwrappers?

The one that both coils are placed in the low position.

This favors:

– the safety of the operator, who does not have to lift a heavy reel in order to place it in its high housing, but only places them both a few centimeters from the ground
– the speed of the reel change, as a consequence of the above: the operation is immediate, thanks to the functional housing of the film.

Fardellatrice animazione

The unwinding of the shrink film is fluid, because both reels are equipped with a motorized film unwinder.
The cutting blade consists of a Teflon-coated knife, at a constant temperature.

The shrink tunnel, in the standard version, is equipped with a metal mesh conveyor belt, suitable both for the use of PE (polyethylene) shrink film, and for dragging bulky and heavy products.

A series of optional equipment helps to make Pactur shrinkwrappers even more flexible.

By way of example of the range of options, the following can be listed:

– pressure device, with synchronized descent with the movement of the sealing bar, to stabilize the products during the welding phase;
– mechanical overturning device, to facilitate the passage of irregular products from the loading surface to the tunnel belt;
– lateral sponge rollers, placed at the exit of the tunnel, to lean the edges of the lateral film against the product;
– double belt, to release the sealing times from the retraction times and, therefore, increase productivity.

Moreover, the semi-automatic and automatic shrinkwrappers, like all the other Pactur shrink wrappers, all under the Ladypack brand, are also distinguished by their design, which makes them beautiful, practical, reliable, intelligent, robust, safe and economically very convenient.
First of all, beautiful, because Pactur always gives an unmistakable impression with its personalized design.

They are also practical, because the Pactur shrinkwrappers have been designed and built to make work easier for users, thanks to the peculiar position of both film reels.

Then they are reliable, because they are the result of more than thirty years of experience, dedicated to the production of packaging machines for shrink film.
Finally, they are robust, because the LADYPACK Personalized Shrink Wrappers have been built with 6 mm thick steel sheets and high quality components.

The customized shrinkwrappers are the flagship of our production flexibility that TREAT EVERY CUSTOMER AS A UNIQUE CUSTOMER exactly according to the artisan “tailoring” principle.

The most common CUSTOMIZATIONS are:
Presser connected to the welder, which presses and stabilizes the products during the welding phase
Tilting device under the welder, for the passage of irregular products
Motorized conveyor belt, between welder and tunnel, so that the welding phase and the movement of the tunnel belt are two independent operations, with the aim of greater productivity
Pressing rollers for the film exiting the tunnel, which compress the excess film on the sides of the product
The shrinkwrappers can basically have four types of loading, according to the customer’s needs:
Manual by operator

Automatic with in-line motorized conveyor belt

Automatic with 90 ° motorized conveyor belt and pusher

Automatic, with automatic composition of the multipack

(PDF) A802 depliant

(PDF) A802 con caricatore depliant
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